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Big steps are sometimes required.

"Don't be afraid to take a big step, if needed.
You can't cross a chasm in two small jumps."

I believe there is a time when small, careful steps are called for. At the beginning of a journey, when the road you travel is small and not clearly defined, it is prudent to go slowly. Many smaller paths leading off the road at the start will make selecting the right course tricky. Taking your time and carefully watching the signs will eliminate the need for doubling back that a turn in the wrong direction might mean.

In the beginning of any new venture, it's normal to lack a clear view of the journey. You'll not know all the options and variations that are possible, and you'll lack the wisdom that is a result of experience. This makes for uncertain footsteps at first, so it's best to begin slowly and choose wisely. Time is a resource that is either spent or invested, so invest you time wisely in the beginning and go slowly--this will give you time to learn. Too many wrong turns will cost you precious time.

However, not too far into the journey, the smaller paths that once confused you will become much less inviting, posing less of a threat to finding your way. As a now-experienced traveler, you'll have set your sights straight ahead. The knowledge and experience gathered early on will enable you to spot a false turn easily and you'll have the willpower to avoid even the most seductive road sign. When this happens, the path you travel in the direction of your dream will become unmistakable: wide and clearly marked; you'll know that this path is the only one leading to your destination. You'll pick up the pace and, with the added speed, the false paths will become even more of a blur.

But wait! There is something ahead in the distance. Straight ahead you'll see an obstacle of immense proportions. Instinctually, you'll fear it, because you'll know that it bars your way. Your fear will slow your pace. But this time, going slow won't serve you; it would undermine your ability to focus on the road ahead because it would give the smaller paths time to become more obvious and seductive. You'll start to convince yourself that these false paths are easier routes that head in the general direction of your destination. Unfortunately, though the false roads promote themselves as acceptable alternatives to the chasm waiting ahead, they actually veer off and circle you back to the start. Some of the road signs will even add to your fear of the obstacle ahead, proclaiming that it is unbeatable, impassable and a sure ticket to embarrassment and failure.

When you reach this point--and it's a surety that you will, if your destination is worthwhile--take the big step over. Jump! Do not hesitate and entertain the false promises of the other paths. They are lies; these paths will double you back to the beginning. There is only one true way to get to your destination: You must approach the chasm and step over it. With your heart pounding and your senses on high, go for it!

The chasm in this story is the edge of your comfort zone. When you're operating inside your comfort zone, everything runs smoothly. You have command and can easily predict the outcome of your actions. Inside your comfort zone you are able to operate with little or no resistance. Life is smooth--and boring.

The confines of your comfort zone won't allow you much room to roam. In any direction, you'll find the edge waiting and will feel the seduction of all the paths that just make big circles leading you back to that same zone. The comfort zone sounds like a great place, right? Why would you want to leave this place of peace? Because in this zone there can be no growth. The zone has nothing new to offer; there is nothing more for you to learn ... or to do ... or to contribute. 

If you're seeking more, you will confront the edge of your comfort zone. If your destination is worthy enough--and if you want it badly enough--you'll find the courage and power to leap. Just do it!

What do you think? Is the comfort zone just fine? Or do you think it would be scarier to remain stuck where you are than to face the chasm? E-mail me your thoughts at Lorraine@Peacemaker-Coach.com, or post them for us all at http://www.Peacemaker.forumotion.com.

"Don't be afraid to take a big step, if needed.
You can't cross a chasm in two small jumps."
Warmest Regards,
Lorraine Esposito

Life and fitness coach and author Lorraine Esposito has been featured in broadcast, print and online media and is a public speaker regarding personal leadership and empowered parenting to community and school-based audiences. Find out more about Lorraine at www.Peacemaker-Coach.com and her latest book at http://www.morningpeacemaker.com  The Morning Peacemaker, How to get your kids out the door on time without saying(nagging) a word. If you have kids ages 2 to 12 you'll LOVE this book


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