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Work is for Joy!

What good is it to have a business if it doesn't bring you pleasure and joy?  Rather than being consumed by your business, design it to actually be a source of joy!

A Novel Concept!

Imagine the possibilities . . . you may never need an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning again!  EVER! 

Peacemaker Coaching and the Influence by Design Method™ really work.  I'll share with you a tiny peak into the method.

Attracting Clients!  This is a critical component to all businesses and is often one of the most challenging.  Play with these questions to see if you can design a bit of influence and joy into your process to attract clients.

Describe the elements in your process to attract clients.


  • What are the elements in your process that are easy for you? 
  • What is it about these elements that makes them easy for you? 
  • How did you learn to do these things? 
  • When are you most successful in attracting clients doing these things? 


  • What are the elements in your process that are hard for you?  Do you lack know-how?
  • What is it about these elements that make them hard for you?  Do you have the support you need?
  • How did you learn to do these things?  Is this even necessary?
  • When are you most successful in atracting clientsdoing these things?  Insight comes from objectivity.

Play To Your Strengths!

What you do well -- Perfect your skill and watch how stronger you become!

What you don't do well (yet) -- Learn to do better!

What you don't like doing -- Do differently to accomplish the same results.

Play To Your Strengths!

This type of thinking is part of the Influence by Design Method™.  How many ideas spark for you just looking at these questions?  I hope you are sparking like a firecracker!

Peacemaker Coaching is about designing your world so that it

Fits YOU

Supports YOU

Reflects YOU

Curious? (of course you are!)


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