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“Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it.”

–Brian Tracy


Brian Tracy has given us a great piece of advice here. The only problem is that it’s hard to follow this advice when you’re not clear about what “peace of mind” really means. What is peace of mind anyway, and how does one organize a life around it? Is it having all conflicts resolved? Is it never having a need or an outstanding desire? Is it having the body of a supermodel and the toys of a billionaire? What is it, exactly? It’s pretty hard to organize a life around something that’s not clear. I think trying to do that would create the opposite effect: chaos of mind.


To me, peace of mind is the product of organizing life around values. Values are concepts that are highly important. Values include honesty, joy, love, wisdom, beauty, etc. Values are the product of experience and, therefore, are unique to each individual. Judgments are not made about values; they just are whatever they are. Sound simple? Yes, it is simple; but it’s not easy.


It’s pretty rare that a person even thinks about his or her values, let alone seeks to understand and live by them. The notion of values gets even more confusing when a whole host of “shoulds” pop up:  I should be more generous. I should eat less fattening food. I shouldn’t mislead people. I should save more money. The “should” represents a value with which you’re not living in sync. How can you expect to have peace of mind when you’re constantly in a state of “I know I should, but I just don’t?”


So take some time today and think about your top 10 values. Every time a “should” pops up, ask yourself whether this value really is important to you or whether it is simply something that was important to your parents or some other influential person in your life. Ask yourself how you came to hold this value. If it is a top 10 value, ask yourself why your actions are blocked. Could it be that another value is in conflict with this one? For example your healthy foods value might be in conflict with your family value, if traditionally your family connects over junk food. Or how about valuing generosity but feeling guilty that you spent $85 for a pair of shoes rather than donating $85 to Meals on Wheels? Once you understand which values are more important, you can relax the “shoulds.”


When you accept your true values without judgment, you’ll begin to understand what peace of mind really means. Again, it’s simple―but not easy. Courage, resolve and effort are required:

  • Courage to live in accordance with your values, even when they run counter to the values of the people around you;
  • Resolve to apply your values 24/7 in all things you do; and
  • Effort to correct areas in your life that are currently in support of different values


As you begin to organize your life around your values, it won’t be long before you see just how chaos―or peace―is created. Stick with it; live with peace of mind.


“Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it.”

–Brian Tracy


Tell me what you think. Can you point to one thing as the solution to peace of mind? Do you think the answer to peace of mind is living by your values? E-mail me at Lorraine@Peacemaker-Coach.com with your peace of mind strategy.


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