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Don't be afraid to want what you truly want.

"Don't play not to lose. Play to win." --Unknown

Happiness takes action. And action takes energy. Well where does this energy come from? Playing to win means giving it all you've got ... no holds barred ... playing flat out. That takes a huge output of energy! So how does a person summon up (or create) the kind of energy that will power actions great enough so that he or she can play to win?

Desire. It all comes from desire. When you want something badly enough and the desire is hot enough, the resulting motivation is the most powerful fuel known to man (or woman, wink). Seriously, the most powerful. The burning desire to win has fueled the space program, mapped the human genome and created Mount Rushmore--all impossible feats made possible by desire. Obviously, there are some incredible things that can be done with enough energy.

The most potent desire runs deeper than just your thoughts, though; persuasive desire must be wrapped in a vision of winning that entices your physical body to respond--a vision conjured up in your mind that is so real you can feel the power in your being. The thrill of winning can be imagined so vibrantly that your pulse quickens, you smile, you start to perspire and you radiate joy, all from the seat of your couch. You have to see yourself crossing the finish line first, not third. You have to see yourself winning your dream job, not just being employed. You must see yourself dancing in the arms of your dream partner on your wedding day, not just getting married. 

Playing to not lose means you're preparing not to win. Where is the juice in that? Of two people training for a marathon, who will be able to rally the energy to train best: the runner who trains to win or the runner who trains not to come in last?

So just how does one create a vision powerful enough to rally the energy needed? It all starts with your imagination. Close your eyes and imagine the win. Feel the thrill of the event and smile as you do it. Each time you conjure up the vision, the picture will become more detailed and colorful. Your moving images will have more energy and will even develop sound! You'll add more story details to the beginning and to the end of the win. 

At first, you'll watch the scene as an outside observer, as if watching yourself in a movie. But over time, you'll shift your perspective; you'll become the star living the event firsthand. You'll see all the action through your own eyes and hear your own voice shout in victory. When you get to this stage, the desire you hold in your heart picks up the energy needed to overcome all obstacles and land a man on the moon.  

I know this power of vision firsthand. As I began writing my book, The Morning Peacemaker, I concentrated each day on the vision of holding this creation in my hands. I added color to the cover of the book, and sound as I spoke to groups about it. The vision of my desire became more real with each playing of the scene, until recently--August 25, 2009, to be exact--the vision that had only been imagined in my mind became the tangible object I held in my hands! That is a powerful feeling, my friends. And it was the power of my desire that created that reality.

Be a powerful creator each day and create the vision of winning whatever game you're playing. Then unleash that power and play to win!

Tell me what you think about the power of visualizing. Is it a bunch of hooey or do you believe that the power inherent in a vibrant imagination can create? E-mail me at Lorraine@Peacemaker-Coach.com, or post your thoughts for all to see at http://www.Peacemaker.forumotion.com. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

"Don't play not to lose. Play to win." --Unknown
Warmest Regards,
Lorraine Esposito

Life and fitness coach and author Lorraine Esposito has been featured in broadcast, print and online media and is a public speaker regarding personal leadership and empowered parenting to community and school-based audiences. Find out more about Lorraine at www.Peacemaker-Coach.com and her latest book at http://www.morningpeacemaker.com  The Morning Peacemaker, How to get your kids out the door on time without saying(nagging) a word. If you have kids ages 2 to 12 you'll LOVE this book


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