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March 18, 2012

Tip of the Week 

Insurance Against Mediocrity 

Able to Change

What it is: Consistent action that results in new behavior or a victory.

Why It's Important:  Responding to the fast pace of change and the rapid expansion of possibilities, there are many options and paths to becoming a better You.  Great, unless you’re unable to actually change anything.

The Problem:  Stuck

Most people are so busy investigating the “right” way to change or the “right” changes to make that they aren’t changing anything at all.

The Tip:  5 abilities needed for change

To sustain focus and energy long enough for results to become visible, you’ll need these 5 things in ample supply.


1.      Willing to change more than behavior.  You’ll need to be open to change in attitude, beliefs, values, truths, habits, etc.  Willingness is much more than lip service and homework.  You can be willing to change but unprepared to act.

2.    Ready and prepared to take action.  You can be ready for change but not be willing to change.

3.    Able to make the change.  You have the skills, knowledge, talent, genes, creativity, and resources from which to create change.  You can be willing to change and ready to change but without the ability to change, you won’t change anything.

4.    Ownershipof the new way of being or your new found success.  You’ll need to have the emotional capacity to accept the change and sustain it.  Think of the lottery winners who go broke because they aren’t prepared to manage their success.

5.     Urgency a strong urgency and passion for the change or result.  Whether the desire is for something better or to avoid something bad, as long as the desire is urgent and connected to your core values it’ll give you sustainable energy to get the job done.



The Benefits -- A better life! 

·        Momentum is created for more good things to happen.  Success breeds success!

·        Demonstrated willingness to risk going for a goal yourself influences your kids to do the same.

·        Strengthening your abilities helps you clarify your expectations and focuses your energy to winnable goals.


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