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December 18, 2011

Tip of the Week 

Insurance Against Mediocrity 

Do It - Ditch It - Delegate It

What is it:  It's 2 things:

  1. A method to clear clutter (obeys the small step rule)
  2. A free quarterly call I offer clients and students

Why it’s Important:  Your physical environment is a mirror to your unconscious thinking.  Physical clutter, broken equipment, even dirty windows reflects indecision, and avoidance.  Clearing clutter clears a cluttered mind.

The Problem:  Clutter is an obstacle to enjoyment because it nibbles at your attention distracting you from fully engaging in other things. Walking by a cluttered closet, garage, or inbox is stressful and wastes energy. But it looks like such a project, where do we begin? 

The Tip:  Obey the Small Step Rule and . . .


Do - Ditch - Delegate


Set your sights on the easiest and smallest clutter issue and make a plan to ZAP! the clutter over the next week. Obey the Small Step Rule and divide your actions into 15 minute intervals. Each day do 15 minutes of clearing–15 minutes mind you, not 16 or 14 minutes, just 15 minutes (set a timer to help keep track.) 


The Benefit: By the end of the week you'll have cleared some of the physical clutter AND some of the mental clutter, too! Very cool indeed because you'll get:

  • More Energy - Clutter drains energy making you feel tired 
  • A Better Attitude - Surrounded by clutter life feels less positive 
  • More Time - You find that clutter takes more time and energy to avoid than you thought  
  • Less Conflicts - Clutter causes friction and frustration leading to anger and conflict  


Bonus Benefit!  You'll have removed one of the obstacles to happiness! 


 Find out about the Do it, Ditch it, Delegate it Day



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