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November 7, 2011

Tip of the Week 

Insurance Against Mediocrity 

Effort Goal

What is it:  Effort goals are milestones for focus; focus on the fundamental elements of a successful endeavor.


Why it’s Important:  Success in the goal is a by-product of effort put into its elements.


The Problem:  Big goals seductively distract us from mastering the essential fundamental elements


The Tip:  Experiment by clarifying your intentions and focusing your attention on one small element of a bigger goal.  Play your game or approach your task with this one element in mind.  


7 Benefits of the Effort Goal

  1. Action:  Focus enables action 
  2. Energy:  Clarity magnifies energy 
  3. Confidence:  There is security in knowing you’re headed in the right direction
  4. Effortless:   It’s easier to get into action when you’re clear about what you’re doing 
  5. Feedback:  More action brings more feedback for improvement
  6. Inspiration:  Goals pull us forward vs. require our push to get to them
  7. Adventure:  You’re free to see just how big your goal can be. Sometimes what we thought was the ceiling, was actually the floor.

 I want to acknowledge Coach Robert Keith, Department Chairperson, Physical Education, Scarsdale Middle School, for the idea.

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