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December 11 2011

Tip of the Week 

Insurance Against Mediocrity 

The Ignore List

What is it:  Like the traditional “to-do” list, this is a commitment you make to yourself, however unlike the to-do list, these are the things you commit not "to-do." 

Why it’s Important:  Chronic to-dos present a challenge to your conscious and unconscious mind:

  • Consciously you need to feel good so you make excuses to yourself and others that shifts blame and absolves your guilt.
  • Unconsciously you know who is responsible for the list and can't shake that very uncomfortable feeling that you're not living up to your own standards.

The Problem:  Distractions are everywhere, the TV, Facebook, email, cookies, insensitive drivers, messy rooms, etc.  These things are the reason your to-do list was created and why it remains un-done.  

The Tip:  Pick a time of day that you are least distracted by things.  Then pick 1 thing that you commit to ignoring consistently during that time of day.  Do this for 1 week and obey the small step rule. 


The Benefit:  You’ll be amazed how many times the small thing you're ignoring creeps up to distract you.  You’ll be amazed by the things you’re able to accomplish just by honoring your commitment to ignore this one small thing. 


What you’ll demonstrate: 


Integrity in keeping the promise made to yourself.  BTW- promises to yourself are the most important promises, so congratulations! 

Ability to accomplish many things without a great deal of effort to self-motivate. 

Importance of creating space in your mind and day so that you enable yourself to move forward. 

Opportunities to clear that to-do list are easier than you thought as long as you obey the small step rule. 


Bonus Benefit!  Chances are good that the distraction you chose to ignore was easier to ignore than you thought – AND – you may be able to ZAP! that distraction once and for all.    


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