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January 15 2012

Tip of the Week 

Insurance Against Mediocrity 


What is integrity? A state in which actions demonstrate the meaning of your words and thoughts.

Why It's Important:  Integrity is created through consistent demonstration of the meaning of your words—the intentions you have about the message you’re sending out.

The Problem:  Having two different meanings in your message/actions: what’s good for you and then what’s good for everyone else.  Integrity gets challenged when your expectations for others don’t consider the human element—to err is human.

The Tip:    Telling people what you would like to do?

For one week, watch how often you use the words “you should” or “they should.” 

1. Observe the patterns:

  • Situations that most often call these words to mind 
  • People that you say these words to the most 
  • Topic of conversation that triggers the words 

2. Compare your actions in relation to the “should.”

  • How often do you follow your advice in the situations you observed? 
  • What is the relationship you have with the people you “should” the most? 
  • How clear are you in your opinions/values regarding the “should” topics? 

   The Benefit: 

  • Awareness of your duality in expectations 
  • Opportunity to raise your personal standards or to cut other people some slack 
  • Chance to clarify your opinion/values in a recurring area 

BTW By all means, “should” away, just be observant.

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