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August 26, 2012

Meaningful Thanks

Gratitude and Appreciation Made Public

What is Gratitude?

Acknowledging the "thing" given. 

"Thanks for the idea."

It's objective and about the reciepient--you.

What is Appreciation?

Acknowledging the "effort" given.

"I appreciate the time it took to share this with me, thank you."

It's empathetic and about the giver--them.

Why it's Important

Studies show that receiving acknowledgment is good for health!  Since appreciation is about the giver, perhaps health benefits result more from the appreciation of effort vs. gratitude for things. 

We need to know that we are needed not just that we can give needed things. 

The Problem

Fear stops us from fully appreciating and acknowledging the help we receive. Like hording scarce supplies of food or water, some people withhold meaningful thanks fearing there won't be enough appreciation and credit to go around.

The Tip

All the credit where credit is due

Step 1


Share a brief overview about your current passions and projects with extended circles.

Step 2

Specifically Ask

Specifically ask for feedback and contributions for areas in which you need help.

Step 3

Thank Unconditionally

Regardless the tone of feedback, express meaningful thanks. 

"Thanks for the idea. I really appreciate the time you took to read my stuff and to comment. I'm happy and thank you."

 Step 4

Share Credit

If you use any fraction of the idea or if the idea helped you in anyway, whatsoever, let the world know who it was that helped.

Thank You Becky

Thanks to Becky Blanton, for suggesting I write for WorkingMother.com.  It was through my activities writing for this blog that the NFL found me and invited my participation in their Youth Sports Health and Safety Luncheon.  Becky, considering the line of people waiting for your professional help, I'm honored that you find time for me. You're not only way bright, you're a true friend. Thank you.

For the past year, Becky Blanton has been working on my behalf to point out opportunities and help me leverage my strengths.  I am so happy I invested in her professional service.


Good Feelings2

You and those you meaningfully thank get to feel great.  It's healthy for both of you!


As people watch you demonstrate generous acknowledgment of others, they, too are encouraged to share with you.


We're better when we play together.  The help you receive is fuel for your influence.  To keep the chain going, you'll need to master the art of expressing meaningful thanks. 

Promise Kept

We promise to teach our kids how to be honest and forthright.  By openly acknowledging the help of others, especially the help from your children, you're making good on that promise.


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Meaningful Thanks 


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 Meaningful Thanks




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