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 May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

What it is


A celebration of motherhood and peace dating back to the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis and resurrected by the suffering of civil war.


Why it's  Important

A national holiday puts pressure on children (even adult children) to articulate appreciation.  Though we know how hard we’ve worked, Mother’s Day is the chance for us to confirm that you recognized and appreciated our gifts.


The Problem

Disappointment.  Perfunctory appreciation can do more harm than good.  An overscheduled, over stimulated life often means that expressing your appreciation for the gifts given by your mother gets delegated to Hallmark.    

  • Sure, you sent a card, but what did you write in the card?  
  • Was the bouquet of flowers chosen by price and convenience or your mother’s love of flowers? 
  • When you showed up for the family brunch, did you talk about the things you appreciate in your mother or did you catch up with siblings and talk about yourself?   


 The Tip

Your Mother's Hands

There are so many things that mothers do every single day that call for appreciation.  While it’s wonderful to think about, it can also feel risky if, by acknowledging the long list of gifts, you feel burdened with obligation and debt.  That’s probably why Hallmark says we exchange 133 million cards and why Mother’s Day accounts for ¼ of annual flower sales. Appreciation at a distance feels safer unless you have a way to frame the conversation.

This Mother’s Day talk about your mother’s hands.  Those hands have done amazing things over the years.  From applause to zippers, the gift of love is given and that is what mother’s want you to talk about. 

Talk about your mother’s hands and then, look down at your own and smile.


Funny Stories Retold

“Remember the time when you  . . .” is usually a great prelude to something funny.


Surprise your mom by remembering something that seemed small at the time but made a lasting impression.  We all like to be remembered for things like that.


Now you have something to share that is about both of you!  Win-Win


Let her know that you are paying it all forward with her grandkids. 

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Mother's Day - Your Mother's Hands

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