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April 15, 2012


Amplify Your Influence

 What it is

Networks are interconnected systems of things or people. 

Networks are people talking to each other, sharing ideas, information and resources.” –John Naisbitt

Why it's Important The most successful people in life maximize opportunities.  The stronger and more focused your networks, the faster you can respond to change and the greater your credibility.
The   Problem The risks of full participation seem too high.  Fear of harsh judgment or being wrong can either:
  1. Cause you to hold back and therefore short-change the support available, or 
  2. Cause you to become a serial networker – dabbling here and there but never committing to fellow members 

To benefit from a network, you’ll need to open yourself to being profoundly affected by others.


The Tip

 Appreciate and Upgrade

Step 1     Assess Current Networks

Who, What, and How

Your current networks are the reflection of past/present interests. 



·         Social networks: Facebook, Linkedin, Country Clubs

·         Religious, Academic, Professional Organizations

·         Family, Friends


·         Predominant topic of conversation

·         Fresh ideas vs. recycled commiseration


·         Balanced sharing vs. a one way street

·         Live vs. virtual (is it effective and convenient?)


Step 2      Value the Resource

  • How has the group benefited you? 
  • What is strongest about this group? 
  • What do you bring other members? 


Step 3

What’s missing?

What are your current interests?

·         Fashion

·         Technology

·         Nutrition

·         Fitness

·         Entertainment

Match your interests with your networks and notice the holes.


Step 4 

Plug the holes

Create new connections and/or update current networks for greater benefit.  Try following the example of another successful person. 


Step 5 

Lurk at first

Rather than jumping right in, watch from the sidelines for a while.

  • What are the expectations for behavior? 
  • How are divergent opinions delivered constructively? 

Once you’re sure about the resource, establish your credibility and reliability by adding your voice slowly.


Step 6 

Acknowledge the Group!


The Group Relationship Triangle

The group becomes an equal partner in your success and is the container for the support you add and receive. Honor the strength it provides by attributing the wisdom you share with others back to The Group.


Boundaries Frequent updates ensure you’re open-minded and connected to that which your kids find interesting.
Rolodex   2 You expand your list of qualified resources based on the knowledgebase of your networks.
Connectedness    The nourishing and energizing support reduces your stress level. 
Fulfillment You are openly appreciated and acknowledged for your contributions—not always true at home.
Collaboration You develop a “third mind” through the comingling of ideas.
Influence As always, the more you're present and connected to your kids, the greater your ability to influence their choices.  That’s what it’s all about.

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