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 April 22, 2012

Recognize Perfection

Perfection isn't perfect

 What it is

The ability to look at events knowing that, even though they aren’t ideal or the way you would have consciously chosen them to be, there are possibilities yet to be understood.

Why it's Important

Looking for perfection in otherwise undesirable situations helps you build muscles for dealing with challenges and adversity; in fact it will shift your perspective so much so that adversity, itself, feels different.

The   Problem

Perfection isn’t perfect. Fear of imperfection is an obstacle to experience.  Without experience you lack the credibility of someone who’s been there and tried that. Credibility is essential for you to influence your kids.


Compassion is a skill that you naturally develop when you include all the elements of yourself, especially the ones that you deny, avoid, hide, or try to reject.  How can you influence your kids to be compassionate people when you’re not out there building your compassion skills, too?

“To err is human, to forgive divine.” – Alexander Pope

Life is not about you, it’s about being human—something we all share.   Therefore being human and making mistakes isn’t personal (thank goodness!)

“To err is human, and it feels divine.” —Mae West


The Tip

Experimentation leads to Serendipity  

Shift your thinking from performance to experimentation.  Consider the next challenge an experiment and free yourself from the burden of performance expectations. 

Experimentation is full of optimism, energy, playfulness, and leaves a wide margin of error.  When experimenting with your ability to recognize perfection you’re able to broaden your view of results to include lessons learned and the opportunities created.



Your comfort zone gets a lot bigger because you become more comfortable with risk.


You’re in discovery mode – experiments evolve you in unexpected ways.



You’ll learn, confirm, or dispel options.


It’s easier to rally support for or explain an experiment.

You’ll learn to adapt to changes better than you thought possible.


Your growth enables you to maximize your power to influence others – That’s what it’s all about.

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