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December 10, 2012

Recognize Strengths

Be willing to accept help from your kids

What it is

Openly acknowledging with gratitude the independent and unique abilities of your kids--especially when they are better than you at something.  

Why it's Important

Appreciation is a basic human need.  Family success is created by the shared talents of everyone in the family.  Sometimes, in difficult situations, we're called upon to be even better than our best.  That's when it's important to have recognized each person's contributions.

The Problem

Parents limit the success of the entire family by being unwilling to delegate.   

It's hard to kick the habit of knowing everything.  We get hooked on it through the baby years, but without your willingness to "not know something," you miss out on the opportunity to learn something wonderful about your kids.    

The Tip

Your mental  colander

Everything takes energy -- yes even willingness to not know something.  By creating a metaphorical colander to strain out unwanted emotional drains, you'll have more to offer your kids.

Step 1: Pick one person

Pick one adult relationship that seems to drain your energy.

Step 2:  List the topics

List the topics that you talk about most with this person.

Step 3:  Pick one to cut

Adjust your mental colander to filter out one of the topics that unnecessarily zaps your energy.


More is MORE!

 Free Space

You'll free mental bandwidth for learning something new from your kids. 

 Observation Stress is a cloud that obscures your vision.  Reduce stress and you'll clear the cloud and see your child's strengths much better.

Partners are more willing to cooperate.


By recognizing and appreciating your child's talents, you honor her as an equal in the making.

Promise Kept We promise to help our kids understand themselves.  By recognizing the value of their talents, we show them just how much there is to value and keep our promise.


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