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May 9, 2013

Peacemaker Coach Tip of the Week

Reward Flavors

Like chocolate and vanilla, rewards come in two flavors

What it is

Rewards are incentives to do something and they come in 2 flavors: tangible and intangible.

   Rewards are tangible and intangible

Why it's

People do things to have things; why else would anyone do anything?


Both reward flavors are necessary to pull a person through the challenge of getting what he or she wants.

Make sure to have enough of both reward flavors


People often shortchange themselves on one flavor or the other and end up getting nothing for their efforts.

Without both flavors, you’ll get bored or frustrated and most likely quit trying.

Amplify Your Influence

The Tip
What's in it for me?

Get really clear about rewards so that you can actually collect!

Step 1

"What do I want?"

Pick a tangible reward that you can reasonably achieve within 2 weeks, like:

Step 2

"What will I get?"


If you can't come up with 3 good reasons -- you probably won't have the energy to see it through

Come up with 3 tangible rewards. Remember, time is money and in this context “money” represents the value of your energy.

To pursue one thing means you won’t be able to pursue something else—make sure you’re “spending” wisely.


Psst: Can't find 3? Pick something else!

Step 3

"What if I don't get it?"

There are consequences for everything.

What are 3 things you’ll happily avoid by accomplishing your goal?

Step 4

"What are my options?"


Find 5 different ways to get what you want.

Try for 5, but 3 will do

Step 5

Best of Both

The best of both means you’ll get what you want fast and enjoy the ride.

Warning: Excuses Ahead

Avoid excuse detours. If you really want the reward then it’s up to you to find an option with all the right reward flavors.

 Step 6


No matter what happens, you’re a winner!

You’re acting “on purpose,” with intent, and for a darn good reason.

That’s cause for celebration!

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Finding the Sweet Spot

The right combination of reward flavors takes experimentation.

 Yay! You’re on your way!

Spirit of Play

It takes willingness to learn from experience.  People who play serious games know all about that, and now you do, too. 

Welcome to a whole new way of living!


Your ability to acknowledge the importance of both intangible and tangible rewards demonstrates what personal leadership is all about.

No more chasing the carrots dangled by other people.


We promised to teach our kids how to make good choices. Ultimately, the best choice rewards the body, mind, and spirit.

Showing kids how to evaluating options by both tangible and intangible rewards ensures that they will be able to fully experience and enjoy all that life has to offer.

That’s making good on your promise.


Peacemaker Coach Tip of the Week - Reward Flavors 

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Peacemaker Coach Tip of the Week - Reward Flavors



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