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December 30, 2012

The Right Resolution

What it is

A commitment to do something differently in the coming year that was chosen

      by YOU

     for YOU

                    because YOU want it.

Why it's Important

Confidence is created from the inside out by first knowing what you want and what you’re good at. 

Creating goals that play to your strengths and desires positions you well to achieve them.

The Problem

Change is hard and we make it harder by shooting for the moon, going it alone, or changing to please others. 

About 80% will break resolutions and miss the chance to bolster their confidence.

The Tip

5 questions to help your child leverage strength, desire, and support.

Question 1:  Clarify Strengths

“What are you good at doing?”

Question 2:  Clarify Desire

“What do you want to have by the end of next year?”

Question 3:   Personal Benefit

“What will be possible if you get it?”

Question 4:  Leverage Strength “How can you use your talent/strength to get what you want?”
Question 5:  Feed Willpower

“How can I help you each day so that you get what you want?”

These questions will help you influence and guide your child into making the right resolution and then establish you as a source of energy and power to get the job done. 

Unless the resolution is harmful to your child or others or will break laws, put your oar in the water and help him row to the other of change. 

5 questions to help your kids pick the right New Year's Resolution



A clear understanding of strengths and desires helps him keep this year’s resolution and all the ones to follow.

 Less Pain

Helping her to uncover and leverage the personal benefit of the change planned will make the pain of change bearable.


With permission to support the goal, you are given insiders access to the place where your influence is most powerful.

Promise Kept

We promise to teach our kids how to make good decisions.  By asking these questions, you are demonstrating the strategy for doing just that and keeping your promise.


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