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March 12, 2012

Tip of the Week 

Insurance Against Mediocrity 


What it is: An anxious and eager movement to get to or from a place.

    It’s also: The intensely pleasurable sensation experienced immediately after use of a stimulant or a mind-altering drug. (Dictionary.com)

Why It's Important:  W hat used to take hours or days now takes only seconds.  Time management has become a battle: 

The Foe:   A Ticking Clock  

The Prize:   Knowing, Doing, and Having Everything 

The Hero:   Adrenaline 

The Problem:  Overwhelm

Regardless the strategy, 24 hours is still 24 hours.  Technology makes it seem possible to bend the rules but you can’t.  Adrenaline rush triggered by fear and caffeine can get you through for a while until the rush catches up with you in the form of overwhelm.  Rushing doesn’t make overwhelm go away, it feeds it. 


The faster you go, the longer it takes.


The Tip:  5 rush triggers and tips to let them go

Trigger 1:   Over promising (even just a little

Tip: Deliberately under promise no matter how the other person reacts.


Trigger 2:   Doing one thing to get another thing 

Tip:   Skip to the latter, it’s quicker and works better. 


Trigger 3:   Not asking for what you really want 

Tip:   Martyrdom is out.  Ask for what you want … before you actually need it. 


Trigger 4:   Driving faster than the speed limit 

Tip:   Slow way, way down.  Assume you’ll arrive when you’re supposed to. 


Trigger 5:   Letting people walk on you 

Tip :  Push your boundaries out a lot starting by waiting for a “please” with each request. 



The Benefits   

  • Calmer– life is easier to understand -- even the occasional crisis doesn’t send you into overwhelm. 
  • More– You’ll actually get more done and with less effort. 
  • Influence– You’ll demonstrate leadership and accountability to your kids.
  • Energy– You’ll have more natural energy and need less caffeine and sugar.


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