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 May 27, 2012

Share Tips

It's your turn

What it is


Sharing means allowing others to use something or giving outright. It happens in nature all the time--why your body does it automatically by dividing and distributing the energy from food throughout your body.    

Why it's  Important

Great ideas are the result of sharing smaller ideas and hunches. Watch the YouTube clip of Steve Johnson as he cleverly explains this theory.  Bottom line: If we don’t share what we know—or think we know—great ideas can’t be created.



The Problem

 A few reasons people are afraid to share:



Can’t articulate well.  They just “know” it but can’t explain it.


o   If you’re flexible in your response to things, it’s tough to share how you do what you do.  Think of the chef who creates without a recipe, you’ll have a hard time recreating her masterpiece.


No longer special.  If everyone starts doing what you do, then you’ll get lost in the crowd.


o   Some people have an un-met need to be acknowledged.  Giving away a tip threatens to leave them without something that feeds their need.


Limited Supply.  People could expect more than you can deliver.


o   Good ideas are abundant if you’re the original creator.  If you’re trying to claim ownership of another person’s good idea, you might be afraid the resource feeding you will eventually run out—then what?


Afraid to be wrong.  Your idea might be a fluke or may later be proven wrong over time.


The risk of criticism is often too high for people who are unsure about their ability to have good ideas.


 The Tip

Share your tip -- Right Now!

More than good advice, we need practical action steps and tips to get great ideas in motion.

I realize some of my tips or ideas might not work for you and that you might disagree with something. And, though I’m careful to do my homework and test theories before sharing, I know I might be wrong occasionally. Yes, it feels risky but I do it anyway because it’s just that important. We have to start somewhere if we expect to achieve the ultimate outcome—making good on our parenting promises.

I know that one of my ideas might collide with one of yours and POOF! something revolutionary could be born. The risks pale in the face of the opportunity to create something great.



Giving is contagious; you’ll likely receive something in return—starting with a boost of energy.


Sharing with others demonstrates your concern for another person’s well-being.


Knowing you are in the company of others who will help you in times of need, creates feelings of safety.  Without worry, you're free to be happy.

 Influence The power of your influence booms when you're a trusted advisor.


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