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November 14, 2011

Tip of the Week 

Insurance Against Mediocrity 


Accepting 'No' as an Answer

What is it:  Belief in your reliability, truthfulness, or ability.


Why it’s Important:  For this tip, let's think about how distrust slows everything and everyone down.


The Problem:  Life moves fast making delay increasingly more expensive. Right or wrong, most people strive to keep up and do it all. Our leaders help us to understand our options, prioritize with our values and goals, and then challenge into action. Without trust we question and resist the advice.


The Tip:  Accept "no" as an answer. The next time your child resists a suggestion for something small, accept his answer without question--just say, "okay" and leave it at that. Watch as he softens his defensively held positions. You're inviting (not forcing) him to follow creating the space he needs to listen. Once he's listening, you can plant your seeds of wisdom; with this platform, your influence is enough to guide your child. 


5 Benefits of accepting "no" for an answer

  1. Confidence in your child's good judgment 
  2. Belief that your child will eventually find the right path 
  3. Enjoyment in the necessary process of trial and error
  4. Respect for the differences in your child's learning style 
  5. Support that is equal to all the challenges that you invite your child to consider

Bonus! You'll have fewer disagreements, too

1. Your growing trust in him means you won't suggest as many things.

2. With the confidence that "no" is okay, the "no" will be delivered with an appreciation for your suggestion vs. resentment for being treated like a child.


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