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 June 17, 2012

Trying to Lose Weight

Display your numbers

What it is


The efforts and tactics we go through to lose weight or to maintain our goal weight.

Why it's  Important

Achieving healthy body weight is linked to vitality and well-being. Efforts to do so are opportunities to “walk our talk” in front of our kids.

The Problem

Stress and shame.  Your bathroom scale becomes the voice of a critic reviewing your character. When you’re heavy you stink and when you’re light you rock.


Dreading the weigh-in we tend to avoid it altogether or hide the numbers from others. Doing so when our weight doesn’t rock prevents us from rallying the help we need to achieve our goal and we miss an excellent opportunity to demonstrate important skills to the kids we influence.

 The Tip

Display your numbers


Your character rocks even if your tactics stink because all numbers are simply feedback on tactics. 


Consider some other numbers people dread:

  • Test Scores = Feedback on study habits, test taking skills, class participation, etc. 
  • Sales Reports = Feedback on product quality, marketing champions, customer service, etc. 
  • Body Weight = Feedback on exercise intensity and frequency, calorie consumption, etc. 

Numbers are objective; they're only bad or good in relation to a tactic. Freedom from harsh judgment means you’re able to honestly evaluate your tactics and make changes if things aren’t going your way.


To rally support and demonstrate a separation between numbers and character, display your daily weight on post-it notes. 


Step 1

Put a pad of post-it notes and a pen on top of your bathroom scale.

 Step 2

At roughly the same time each morning weight yourself and write the number on two notes.

 Step 3

Post one note on the cabinet with chips and snacks and post the other note inside the fridge


  Oh and another thing . . . 

Plan to consistently post your daily weigh-in for at least 3 weeks—4 is better. That might mean you’ll postpone this experiment until after vacation.


Simply displaying your weight demonstrates many important skills and it goes a long, long way towards making good on your parenting promises.



 The Influence


Belief that a number is simply feedback on tactics vs. commentary on character


Observation without character association (self and others)


Willingness to face your results with objectivity


Self-esteem – Liking yourself--regardless


Willingness to share your real life with others without fear of harsh judgment


Sharing is trust in action


Healthy relationship with risk and a willingness to experiment


Perseverance is required for success


Willingness to honestly evaluate results and make changes when you’re not getting what you want


Self-confidence means knowing you’ll master a goal eventually


Willingness to accept help and support


A good leader knows when to follow


Benefits for YOU and your kids


Attitude Uplift: Attitudes are habits of thought created by repeatedly thinking the same way. By repeating a shift in the way you connect to feedback, you’ll create a new habit of thinking and you’ll like yourself a whole lot more.


Influence: At the root of all our weekly tips is the opportunity to amplify our influence.






Oh, and let’s not forget the benefit to your weight loss goal.


There, staring you in the face is your feedback. It’ll help you decide whether the tactic of chips and salsa will help you reach your goal.

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Afraid of the Critic's Voice 


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