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Thank you for joining in the weekly fun!


I find a good quote can often bring a fuzzy feeling into a clear and useful thought. They can invoke hearty laughter, powerful "ah-ha" moments, and resolve of will. The fact that they are packaged in little sound bytes makes them all the more effective.


Each week I'll send you one of my favorite quotes and explain the meaning it has for me. I encourage you to add to my definition with your own. You can share your take on any quote and even add a few of your own. Email me with your thoughts Lorraine@Peacemaker-Coach.com.


You'll receive your first quote in a day or so and then one each week there after.


Thanks again for joining in!


Warmest Regards,
Lorraine Esposito

Life and fitness coach and author Lorraine Esposito has been featured in broadcast, print and online media and is a public speaker regarding personal leadership and empowered parenting to community and school-based audiences. Find out more about Lorraine at www.Peacemaker-Coach.com and her latest book at http://www.morningpeacemaker.com  The Morning Peacemaker, How to get your kids out the door on time without saying(nagging) a word. If you have kids ages 2 to 12 you'll LOVE this book


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