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  • Lorraine Esposito is a certified and practicing coach, mentor coach, coach training instructor, nationally recognized author, national speaker, fitness coach, and so much more.

  • Full review written by Karynda Lewis

  • All the tips from April 2012

  • All the weekly tips from April 2013

  • There are a few articles available on the web written by Lorraine Esposito. Have a look. You'll find more on the Peacemaker Blog

  • A collection of interesting resources that will either support you, entertain you, or challenge you--maybe all of the above! I'll be adding new and interesting resources as our community shares. So, share already would ja? :)

  • All the weekly tips from August 2012

  • A resource from Tip of the Week - Decode a Feeling. When words are hard to find, invite your child to draw the feeling using this blank body outline.

  • Coach Approach Parenting is a collection of 4 methods by which you will learn how to make good on your parenting promises.

  • The Center for Coaching Mastery joins forces with the Division of Continuing Education at Westchester Community College to offer internationally recognized Coach Certification Programs, Fall 2013.

  • The "who" and "what" about coaching briefly explained. How is coaching different that consulting? Both get results--it's the approach that differs.

  • Curious? Find out if coaching makes sense for you. Send an email or, better yet, schedule an appointment with Lorraine Esposito.

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  • All the December 2011 tips for increasing your influence. Powerful Listening, Ignore List, Do, Ditch, Delegate, Change

  • All the weekly tips from December 2012

  • Join the free quarterly call that ensures you'll have the support and challenge you need to ZAP! some clutter from you life. Free some energy, be happier, and love your life more.

  • The summary of my radio interview with Doug Noll regarding parenting and peacemaking

  • The summary of my radio interview with Doug Noll as I get ready to contribute at NFL.

  • The down and dirty details about the program. It’s an outline in bullet form and you’ll find links to more information.

  • All the February 2012 tips for increasing your influence. Dissent, Know-It-All, I'm Sorry, Accept vs. Agree

  • All the weekly tips from February 2013

  • Parent know too much and sometimes it can prevent us from the surprise of learning something new.

  • Information to get started with Coach Approach Parenting

  • You don't have to be a certified life coach to benefit from a coach approach to life.

  • You don't have to be a certified life coach to benefit from a coach approach to life.

  • You don't have to be a certified life coach to benefit from a coach approach to life.

  • Amplify the power of your influence by consciously designing all 10 of your personal environments--pump up support and ZAP! irritations.

  • Influence by Design Method meets The Morning Peacemaker Method! Adults who influence children can change the world. Influence is only possible through communication. Learn to observe yourself, your family, and your children. Stop yelling and nagging and start communicating. Watch how powerful your influence becomes!

  • Influence by Design Method! It's way to difficult to sell stuff unless you offer it with joy. Remember why you became an entrepreneur -- you love your product and you have gifts to share. Work is for joy and making offers about the things that bring you joy is like money in the bank.

  • Influence by Design! Influence can be designed into your life. When you consciously design your life to support you, everything is easier and your influence over people, places, and things becomes very powerful. Life is simple because you already have everything you need.

  • People send a lot of time looking for other people. The problem is that you can't find the people you're looking for because so many people are trying to be someone else. If you're trying to be the kind of person you THINK other people are looking for, guess what? The people looking for YOU won't find YOU! Design your relationships to support YOU and watch how powerful your influence becomes. Influence by Design

  • All the January 2012 tips for increasing your influence. Expectation Guilt, Articulate, Integrity, Not Nice, Make Sense

  • All the weekly tips from January 2013

  • All the weekly tips from July 2012

  • All the weekly tips from June, 2012

  • Read the review by The East Side Macaroni Kid

  • All the March 2012 tips for increasing your influence. Awareness, Rush

  • All the weekly tips from March 2013

  • All the weekly tips from May 2012

  • All the weekly tips from May 2013

  • It's like having your very own life coach at your fingertips! From March 2013 to June 2015 WFAS 103.9 FM Westchester raido every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Jolana Smith and Coach Lorraine Esposito discussed everyday issues from a coach perspective. These are you Morning Motivational Moments!

  • Parenting in action with a Coach Approach

  • NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell's letter regarding it's Youth Sports Health and Safety work.

  • All the November 2011 tips for increasing your influence.

  • All the weekly tips from November 2012

  • All the weekly tips from October 2012

  • The overall framework that clarifies promises and systematically guides our coaching process.

  • Lorraine Esposito is the Peacemaker Coach. Coaching people to make the most of the influence they have using the Influence by Design Method.

  • Testimonials from a variety of perspectives that all speak to the power and lasting results of the Influence by Design Method.

  • Articles written about Lorraine Esposito, Peacemaker Coach and the Peacemaker Parent

  • Most boundaries aren’t really boundaries at all, they’re castle walls fortified to keep everything and everyone out leaving you isolated and alone; where’s the joy in that?

  • Press Release: Brainwashing Grandmother Battles Life Coach Mother Over Parenting

  • Press Release: NFL initiates leadership in Youth Sports Health and Safety

  • Parents can’t teach responsibility and independence without allowing kids to practice and make mistakes but messy embarrassing mistakes trigger the heat of Parenting Peer Pressure putting an end to learning.

  • A strong desire can make an early riser out of even the most stubborn night owl.

  • Press Release: Enough talk about visualizing peace and harmony, we need more than good advice if we’re ever to actually have it.

  • Challenging the old school approach on parenting in a 60 minute broadcast on The Doug Noll Radio Show, a program known for giving practical ideas that promote peace.

  • Privacy Statement

  • Parenting is a collection of skills that, like any skill, require practice to master. Though we are born with the basic emotions that make parenting attractive, we are left on our own to find the best ways in which to parent the next generation.

  • It's a universal message: Think for yourself and have the courage to do something about it. Listen to a variety of interviews with Lorraine Esposito.

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  • All the weekly tips from September 2012

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  • It takes more than conversation and good advice to become a powerful influence in the lives of kids. You’ll need reliable and practical methods that both challenge and support you in becoming the powerful influence you need to be.

  • Why just develop skills when you can evolve and become something surprising in the process. Subscribe to a weekly newsletter to understand more, learn more, and influence more. Each newsletter is guaranteed to be short and useful. HTML is recommended due to the use of graphics vs. a lot of wordy content.

  • Make room for fun (and cake!) As I see it, the more options you have to make sense of life the more likely you are to enjoy life. I'll send you 15 short and useful ideas. You're guaranteed to understand more, learn more, and influence more.

  • Subscribe to a weekly newsletter to understand more, learn more, and influence more. Each newsletter is guaranteed to be short and useful.

  • Praise for the program

  • Sometimes the signals of success are found in the small indications of failures. New Year's Resolutions are often unkept because success is often overlooked.

  • To be a successful adult requires the ability to think and plan strategically. The quality of your thoughtfulness, i.e., the careful concern for the resulting consequences of each decision and action, may be the single most important skill of an effective leader. This skill does not materialize all by itself and you're not able to learn it from a book or even a college course. This is one of those life skills that must be learned by doing.

  • Peaemaker Coach is focused on amplyifying the influence adults have with kids so that we can keep the promises we made to them and to ourselves. Tip of the Week was started in November 2011 to offer real and practical ideas to consider as experiments toward that goal.

  • Reviews should reflect promises made.

  • You can be willing to change and ready to change but without the ability to change, you won’t change anything.

  • Connections are made through conversation and information exchange. To enable connection, one must be willing to accept the ideas of other people as, at the very least, true for them.

  • When you suddenly abandon your responsibility to avoid blame, your child feels abandoned.

  • Start the School Day Debrief on a positive note by asking for the good things first.

  • A dare gone viral. This week's tip is about bridging the generation gap with your confidence in your kids and your powerful influence.

  • Without the ability to articulate ideas and wisdom, we are at the mercy of unreliable assumptions that often lead to misunderstanding.

  • We promise to teach our kids how to love and be loved. By demonstrating context curiosity, we demonstrate how to connect to others and make good on the promise.

  • Attitudes are habits of thought that can limit opportunities. Break the habit by playing the Game of 10 What Ifs.

  • Awareness is more than knowing something, it’s has the added element of personal connection.

  • Heroes clarify and define the values we choose for ourselves. Parent-heroes shape a child's character.

  • Are you a bootstrapper or skittish about change? This week's tip helps put change in the proper perspective: Change is hard and change is possible.

  • By helping him understand how to create his options, you’re helping him connect his actions – past and present – to his options – present and future.

  • You trade your power when you take the bait. Remember, when you're explaining - you're losing.

  • Let’s not risk missing an opportunity to influence our kids because they don’t know how to describe a feeling. This week’s tip will give you an idea to help them help YOU understand what’s going on inside.

  • Remember the Bohr maxim: For every great idea, the opposite idea is equally true. Think of the dissent conversation as a way to balance the conversation.

  • De-clutter and obey the small set rule. Do it - Ditch it - Delegate it - DONE!

  • Knowing what NOT to do solves a problem, knowing what to do instead creates a solution.

  • Make a game out of comparing two similar snack foods and allow your child to make the best choice for herself.

  • Too many people live in a state of conflict: Other People’s Values (expectations) vs. Their OWN Values (standards).

  • Adopt a try-before-buy approach to test your plans for change as you go along.

  • Any frustration, even simple and reasonable frustration, creates feelings of aggression that spread out in all directions.

  • Understanding the value of happiness requires an experience of its opposite.

  • Tip of the Week - Have Faith: Lack of immediate proof doesn't make it impossible to have faith that your influence is strong; it just makes it possible to lose your faith.

  • The apology process is a way to apologize without making the negative self-statement “I’m sorry.”

  • The best intentions can backfire so try serving dessert first and see what happens.

  • Are you holding the same expectations for yourself as you do for everyone else? This tip will help you find out.

  • Keep it real so that everything that follows is real, too.

  • Regardless the reason, people stop listening to a broadcasting know-it-all.

  • Update your hug from home with a funny mid-day pick-me-up that keeps pace with your child's growth.

  • To influence a child, the child must be able to make sense of your messages. It's difficult to explain to kids abstract value ideas that took us years of experience to understand ourselves.

  • Manners demonstrate to others the level of respect you have for them . . . and yourself. Your manners influence the respect you receive from others in return.

  • Score a bonus 2-fer by recognizing the value of the gift giver as well as the gift you received.

  • Perfunctory appreciation can do more harm than good.

  • The currancy of social capital and influence! You'll actually connect once you push the reset button and communicate with powrful influence.

  • The most successful people maximize opportunities. The stronger your networks, the faster you can respond to change and the greater your credibility and influence.

  • The time you spend saying good night is an opportunity to plant long lasting seeds of empowerment and worth.

  • It's difficult to explain how being "mean" is the nicest thing you can do for your child.

  • Sometimes the best decision will be hard to explain well enough to make it popular.

  • Parent’s don’t count in a kid’s assessment of the meaning of “peer” and therefore don’t count among the 5 core influential people that the child will average into. Consider the old saying: If you’re not with us, you’re against us.

  • Asking a question demonstrates the power of please.

  • Help your kids learn for themselves how much of a good thing is enough to stay happy and satisfied.

  • Beyond being polite, powerful listening includes understanding what's said, what's meant by what's said, and the meaning of it all to the speaker.

  • Obstacles that make it hard to hear someone. Noise from your mind, body, and physical environment. 4 things that get in the way . . .

  • I promised my boys that I would teach them how to think for themselves and to make good choices. By living my life without creating crumbs, I’m making good on that promise.

  • As we seek to protect childhood, let’s make sure to protect a young child’s need to experiment with identity.

  • As a kid matures, the point at which you turn over independence gets earlier and earlier in the day.

  • The ability to look at events knowing that, even though they aren’t ideal or the way you would have consciously chosen them to be, there are possibilities yet to be understood.

  • Everything takes energy -- yes even willingness to learn from your kids. Create a metaphorical colander to strain out unwanted energy drains..

  • Elders, by virtue of age and experience, can bring context to the present. They can link past events and cultural influences that we’re unaware of to help us understand why things are as they are. If we disrespect the elders who bring context to the present, we lose the lessons learned.

  • There are personal benefits associated with EVERYTHING people do. Make sure you’re collecting both tangible and intangible rewards.

  • Asking the right questions will help you influence and guide your child into making the right resolution.

  • Adrenaline rush triggered by fear and caffeine can get you through for a while until the rush catches up with you in the form of overwhelm. Rushing doesn’t make overwhelm go away, it feeds it.

  • When taking pictures with your smartphone, you may be unwittingly opening your world to the world. A strong and carefully selected group of like-minded people help to filter out the noise of information overload so that you can recognize the wheat from the chaff.

  • Allow your child to practice setting standards and assessing efforts without assuming they need your help.

  • Sharing ideas creates the opportunity for greatness to spread. Go on, use the form and share your tip.

  • Elicit caregiving. Ask questions that encourage consideration beyond symptoms and situation to zap the cause of problems.

  • Take a tip from the NFL, add halftime to the game of change. It's a period of calm to catch your breath and adjust.

  • Time, objects, thoughts . . . even YOU are energy. Time is Money means the reciprocal value you receive in exchange for your energy.

  • The wisest choices are based on personal desire, it’s vital we help them learn what it is they truly desire.

  • The focus this week is how distrust slows everything and everyone down.

  • Achieving healthy body weight is linked to vitality/wellbeing and trying to lose weight is also an opportunity to “walk our talk” in front of our kids.

  • At some point--sooner than you think—you won’t have a choice. Adopt the role of Personal Trainer with a simple 4-step training process..

  • Waiting for desire to spur action gives your child the opportunity to practice initiative.

  • More than common physical features or defining gestures, your child’s attitudes and habits are also a reflection of you, because they immitate what they see.

  • Effort goals are milestones for focus; focus on the fundamental elements of a successful endeavor.

  • Remove the distractions that block you from finishing your to-do list -- create an Ignore List

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  • All our tips from 2013

  • 4 Steps to Certainty - Integrity Backbone -- That's what you get when making choices in alignment with your core values.

  • Website Disclaimer

  • What does it REALLY take to prepare a kid for adulthood.


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