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  • It's like having your very own life coach every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning at 7:30 AM on Jolana's Morning Show. Listen to past Motivational Moments.
  • Monday Morning Motivational Moment - Suspend Judgment and Play the Game of 10 What Ifs.
  • Lorraine Esposito is the Peacemaker Coach. Coaching people to make the most of the influence they have using the Influence by Design Method.
  • Peaemaker Coach is focused on amplyifying the influence adults have with kids so that we can keep the promises we made to them and to ourselves. Tip of the Week was started in November 2011 to offer real and practical ideas to consider as experiments toward that goal.
  • All the weekly tips from May 2013
  • There are personal benefits associated with EVERYTHING people do. Make sure you’re collecting both tangible and intangible rewards.
  • All the weekly tips from April 2013
  • All the weekly tips from March 2013
  • More than common physical features or defining gestures, your child’s attitudes and habits are also a reflection of you, because they immitate what they see.
  • All the weekly tips from February 2013
  • All the weekly tips from January 2013
  • All the weekly tips from December 2012
  • Asking the right questions will help you influence and guide your child into making the right resolution.
  • As we seek to protect childhood, let’s make sure to protect a young child’s need to experiment with identity.
  • By helping him understand how to create his options, you’re helping him connect his actions – past and present – to his options – present and future.
  • Everything takes energy -- yes even willingness to learn from your kids. Create a metaphorical colander to strain out unwanted energy drains..
  • All the weekly tips from November 2012
  • Knowing what NOT to do solves a problem, knowing what to do instead creates a solution.
  • Make a game out of comparing two similar snack foods and allow your child to make the best choice for herself.
  • Let’s not risk missing an opportunity to influence our kids because they don’t know how to describe a feeling. This week’s tip will give you an idea to help them help YOU understand what’s going on inside.
  • All the weekly tips from October 2012
  • It's a universal message: Think for yourself and have the courage to do something about it. Listen to a variety of interviews with Lorraine Esposito.
  • Lorraine Esposito is a certified and practicing coach, mentor coach, coach training instructor, nationally recognized author, national speaker, fitness coach, and so much more.
  • A collection of interesting resources that will either support you, entertain you, or challenge you--maybe all of the above! I'll be adding new and interesting resources as our community shares. So, share already would ja? :)
  • A resource from Tip of the Week - Decode a Feeling. When words are hard to find, invite your child to draw the feeling using this blank body outline.


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